Name: Auvrynon
Leaders: Queen of Auvrynon
Type: Kingdom
Capital: Auvrynon, City of Gates
Largest cities: Auvrynon, City of Gates
Monetary unit: Standard
Ethnicity/Race: Diverse
Language: Common
Religion: Varied, no official religion
Climate: Four seasons, normal temperature ranges low enough for steady snowfall in the mountains during winter and spring, to warm humid days in the summer and early fall for the valley and coastline. While most of the time the weather is normal, at times unpredictable and chaotic weather patterns, sometimes often violent, occur.
Resources: Wine, fishing, minerals, including iron ore.
Flora and Fauna: Auvrynon's geography encompasses forest, coastline, mountain and desert resulting in a diverse collection of wildlife.
Known Dangers:Typical
History: All that lies within the Mystic Storm comprises the Kingdom of Auvrynon. The capital, a beautiful city nestled protectively within a valley. Very little is clear about the City of Gates, other than it seems to be an entry port for many people, who come from either the crimson storm that engulfs the surrounding countryside or from one of the numerous portals located around the city.

It is watched over by a single figure: The Queen of Auvrynon, Lady of the Mists. She is rarely seen, but it is believed that she is the one in control of who ultimately may enter the city. She is tall and eloquent, always dressed in a long exquisite gown. She wears a red jasper mask upon her face, framed with elongated black feathers. When she moves, there is a light jingle sound that echoes from within her skirts. Some say she carries small faerie bells around her ankles, representing the realms of the Plane of Zatrikion. Other rumors say she wears unseen chains, though what they could represent, the rumors are as numerous as the citizens of her city. She has no army, for if there is a problem, she has the power to make problems gone.

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