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Character Hall

Warning: Some pages may contain artistic nudity
Below you will find character pages created by members of Mystical Realms. Please see the copyright information at the bottom of the page.

тнe вlacĸ jacĸal (imeut)
✧ Ruso ✧ (vesnia)
🕷 Umeko 🕷 (umeko)
♜ Rabid Dog ♖ (marcellus)
-- (halehabugatt)
-~- Val -~- (val)
. (domenic)
... (parker)
... (ellis)
...I Can Offer Some Assistance... (dys)
..Exodus Moirai.. (amrita)
.Domi. (domitius)
<>< (evelyn)
? (drake)
a (jax)
a (silas)
A fallen Emporer (yuktio)
A Field of change (danaka)
A Gamblin' Man (clyde)
A Gentleman and a Scholar ... If you believe that (tails)
A God of Yesterday (tor)
A Journeyman (ellidyrdarks)
A lasting consequence for our actions... (gorvorath)
A legitimate business man (phin)
A Life Unremembered (molan)
A Little Bit of War & Ⓐ (charnelle)
A Lost Heart (xiriktu)
A Lovely Paradox (eagwin)
A Master of Torture (torsten)
A master thief and a man of morals (hige)
A Natural Traitor (judecca)
A phoenix of a different skin (larox)
A Place of Illusions... (skye)
A place of magic and onions and fries... (daenkedric)
A Rider's Bond (tosca)
A Room With a View (lisbeth)
A simple place (gabe)
A strange one Indeed! (melsario)
A taste of two worlds (matsumasa)
A Theives Page (tenebraechas)
A Unique Being (syra)
A Young Magus (kaivenefae)
A.a.A (All about Amestatia) (amestatia)
A.J. Golitsin (ajgolitsin)
Aaliyah (aaliyah)
Aaron (aaron)
Aaron Vergessen (aaronvergess)
Abayelle (abayelle)
Abbotston (nemynn)
Abdiel Emmitt's Chamber (abdiel)
Abonshei The Banshee (abonshei)
Ace Blackwell (aceblackwell)
Acolyte Vaine (vaine)
Action without thought is like shooting without aim. (ltkendall)
ada (auldrick)
ada (vale)
Adalinda Kelin (adalin)
Adamantine (aridemoir)
Adelaide (adelaide)
AdoniaH (adonia)
Adrean Ulrik (adrean)
Adrian (adrian)
Adrian Barome (adrianbarome)
Advisor Crax (crax)
Advisor Roderick (advisorroder)
Aegis Vigor (aegis)
Aeldryt Exadlen (aeldryt)
Aelene (aelene)
Aelia (aelia)
Aenice Oten (aenice)
Aenirne Valkerie (aenirne)
Aergweg (aergweg)
Aeric (aeric)
Aeroace The Mage (aeroace)
Aerris (aerris)
Aerus and the Snow (aerus)
afadf (lex)
Ahem..attention please... (beatrix)
AHHHHHHH (kluhm)
Aidan (aidan)
Aijara Swil`letha (aijara)
Aiko Rezelta (aiko)
Ail Tyshal (ail)
Aimelia Ashfall (aimelia)
Áine Litha (ainelitha)
Aine Macaula (ainemacaula)
Airen Falece (airen)
Aisa (aisa)
Aislinn Oneiroi (aislinnoneir)
Aisu Evensen (aisu)
Aiya Lyssu (aiya)
Aiyana (aiyana)
Aki Shinome (aki)
Akil the Corrupted (akilthecorru)
Akima (akima)
Akimoto Kin (kin)
Akina Etsu (akina)
Akira Tatiana Ravenlier (akira)
Akorafae (akorafae)
Akta, Dryad of Hampstead Heath (akta)
Akyree (akyree)
Alabaster (alabaster)
Alabaster Lane (alabasterlan)
Alaria Haydon (alaria)
Alasse Maximov (alasse)
Alberich Ornsson (alberich)
Albert Wentworth (albertwentwo)
Alchemist of Auvrynon (saffron)
Aldor's Hall (aldor)
Ale, Games and Women (lyviasar)
Alex (alexsolovyov)
Alex Z'nuh (alex)
Alexander (alexander)
Alexander Braust (lost)
Alexander Xavier (alexanderxav)
Alexandros (alexandros)
Alexei Romanov (alexeiromano)
Alexios, the exile of Luccina (alexios)
Alexranda La'hoven (ala)
Alfreda Ray (alfredaray)
Alia (alia)
Aliarra Tsavlos (aliarra)

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