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Welcome to Mystical Realms's forums. There are 17159 posts in 6201 threads spread across 33 forums!


Mystical Realms General
This is the Out-Of-Character area for members of Mystical Realms. New member introductions, leave messages to the site Wizards, make suggestions, leave contact information or make site-wide announcements.
Introductions & Important Events
Introduce Yourself! Game Announcements, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Introductions along with discussion of storylines and role-playing tips.
Palaver, Moans & Stuff
Questions to Thayne & Pashen. Feel free to post any sort of comments here. Keep it clean, no harassment or flaming, please.
Adventures in the Realms of Zatrikion
Explore the magical places within the Mystical Storm.

Fireside Tales
Read the current events in the fascinating Realms of Zatrikion

A place for IC posts of the past. Anything older than two weeks will be listed here. We like to read our old stories.

Outer Realms - Worlds beyond Zatrikion

Discover the worlds outside of the Mystical Storm.
Modern Fantasy
The Veil - New Orleans
Historical Fiction - Early Victorian Era
London by Gaslight, Wild West
Apocalyptic Horror
The Cold Zone
Sci Fi
The Inoui System
City-State of Vigil

Mystical Realms welcomes Etyi Huna as its newest member!

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