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Zatrikion Rules

Zatrikion Rules

House Rules

Worship & Religions

This is a fantasy setting and as such, we don't mix real life religion with our game play.
There are no Earthly deities allowed or Earth religions allowed.
There is no worship of Gaia.

Make up your own Gods or use one of Auvrynon's. You can find them in the Tomes of Reference.


Followers, Pets, NPCs

Characters are allowed a maximum of 2 NPCs they can narrate at any given time. These might include a pet or steed, guardians, soldiers or handmaidens. This includes summoned creatures like demons or shadows to assist in combat. These NPCs are to be used on a short term basis and only to add to a character's storyline. If the NPC becomes important enough that they spend time out in the chat on their own, then they need to be registered as a handle.



Click to open in another window.


Owning Property in Auvrynon

Owning shops and buildings in the City of Gates is encouraged. If you want, you may submit a shop for our directory. But this isn't required.


Having a job with the City of Auvrynon

Creating a character that has an official job with the City of Auvrynon is not allowed. Guards and Military personnel in particular cannot be employed by the city. If you wish to play a knight or other guardsman, you can create your own privately owned business that provides security or trained muscle. Other examples of this include council members or other politicians. Any character with ties to the Queen will be rejected unless you have prior permission from the owners of the site.


Being a ruler with a standing army in Zatrikion

Obviously, only the Queen can have an army in The City of Gates. Auvrynon isn't about military role play. Within the realm of Auvrynon, leaders of villages can be created, and they can have small armies made up of militia. But these are in no way allowed in The City of Gates. In the realms outside of Auvrynon, anything is possible. If you want to participate in a campaign about military might, you are welcome to approach the RK's or become one yourself. No one is allowed to descend upon Auvrynon with an invading army. And no one is allowed to enter another realm with an army without the RK's permission first. Auvrynon's Queen is designed to be all powerful, and she will simply banish the offending army and the player that controls it.


Playing a character that is royalty

In Auvrynon the only characters that are royalty are those created by the Admin of the site. If you want your character to be from royal linage, then you need to create your own realm or ask an RK of an existing realm if your character can be from there. This does not mean you need to purchase a room. You will need to define that the realm you are creating is your own and be willing to add information to your character's chambers.


Playing a character that is a child

Children in Auvrynon can be played but only under certain circumstances.

A child character under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a guardian at all times. This must be either a character that is a parent, or a character that is a guardian of some sort. Animals do not count as guardians.

Children characters that are in the age group of 13 to 17 can roam freely in the city and wilds of Auvrynon without a guardian. However, there are some rooms where entry may be denied. This includes some of the bars, like the Crimson Tap. It is up to the player to be aware of the rules that are posted in the room look.


Multiple Personalities

When developing a character with multiple personalities, what needs to be considered is if this is an attempt to play many different types of characters with one character slot.

To use only one character slot, the stats of the character must remain the same regardless of the personality under control. Stats do not change. The personalities will have to share the same stats, even though skills might wax and wane between the mindsets. What this means is, that while one personality might be better in magic while and another personality is better in body, the maximum numbers that are what is listed on the character application and pages do not change.

Characters with multiple personalities can shift shape using magic and illusions, but they need to supply a reason for how and why they know how to shift shape. Without this information, a character will be refused.



Click to open in another window.


Tainted/Touched Characters.

For characters with wings, claws, horns or other characteristic beyond human.

Click to open in another window.


Characters with special titles like "Saint" and "General"

When it comes to having a special title, make sure that your character actually is what the title says it is. We understand that sometimes people want their characters to be called something when they are not, but we don't want a bunch of non-cleric Reverends and non-military Generals wandering around Auvrynon. This is particularly true with the title of Saint. It is important to note that one only gains Sainthood after death, so the title of Saint will only be granted to characters that have done an extraordinary amount of good and who are dead.

In regard to the titles Lady and Lord, those can be applied to most character names without stipulations.


Unusual Equipment including Airships/Space Equipment/Technology

It is important to remind you that we have the Outer Realms now for those that want to play characters with additional equipment that is outside of what we normally allow in Auvrynon. We still get the occasional player that wants to play their displaced space man, or someone with a new magical technology within Auvrynon. Most of the time these requests will be denied in the city of Auvrynon. That doesn't mean that an RK for one of the Zatrikion realms might not allow it. Take it up with the RK's BEFORE you register, and you will be far more likely to have the request accepted.


Magic Users and Spellcasters

Like with other games, when applying with some sort of spellcaster, you must supply a list of spells the character will start out with. Spellcasters at Mystical Realms need to be specialized in an area of magic. The type of specialization can be as creative as you can imagine it to be, but there must be an area of expertise that a character studies. Examples: Lightning, Fire, Healing, Necromancy.

Weather magic is allowed, but a character cannot affect more than the room that they are within. A character cannot summon a snow storm over the whole City of Gates.

Time magic is also allowed, but considering the nature of the chat, it is very difficult to use. In most cases, it will be refused if the background is not well written.

Illusions are created by magic but fool the mind. Therefore creatures without minds, like zombies and constructs, cannot be fooled by illusions. Illusionary magic can cause trauma to a person, but only as long as the person believes in the illusion.

Necromancy The fyres are a natural part of Zatrikion, they are like strings of power ready to be plucked by weavers of magic. These strings can be used in a positive way or in a negative way. Necromancy uses the fyre of life and twists it around to create life without a connection to nature. Necromancers must therefore be willing to twist what is good and natural into that which is evil and unnatural. Even if they rationalize what they are doing is for good, their magic is evil to the world. Therefore, necromancers must be of evil alignment.

Conjuration magic is allowed, but limits must be defined. Characters that can create something from nothing, including an artist who can bring her drawings to life will never be allowed. Unlimited creation ability is the stuff of the Gods and is not appropriate for our chat.

Blood magic is not allowed.

Characters that are "born of magic" will be rejected.

The Fyres are at the root of all magic on Zatrikion. More information, read about the fyres here.



Alchemy involves the creation of potions and poultices that imbue the consumer with both non-magical or magical results.

Natural Alchemy uses natural ingredients without any sort of magical component. Creation of a natural potion requires at least an hour in time. Equipment is necessary and might include a mortar, pestle, boiling water and a distillery. No magical stat is required by the creator, but the character must have an education in herbs and alchemy. While not as powerful as magical potions, a variety of effects from minor healing to strength enhancement can be created.

Magical Alchemy requires more equipment than natural alchemy. These items are not something an alchemist could carry with him. It requires a laboratory with extensive distilleries, exotic ingredients and heating elements. A magic stat is required to create magical potions, and a knowledge of the spells is mandatory. This means that an alchemist who creates healing potions can't create necromantic potions. An alchemist that specializes in fire can't create potions of ice. A simple potion requires at least an hour to create. More powerful potions can require several hours to cook.

Regardless of the type of alchemy, potions cannot raise a character's stats. While they can increase strength, dexterity, and wisdom - these have to be played out in role play and not reflected in stat manipulation. Potions that last more than one round in combat last for a maximum of three rounds.

Drinking more than one potion at a time is dangerous and can result in death.

Potions forced on another character or cause harm to a character outside of combat are up to the player to determine the result. Potions with long term results, i.e. Love and Death, leave the results up to the player of the character drinking the potion.


Shadow Weavers

Those that try to harness the power of shadows need to realize what they do. Shadows have nothing solid about them. Shadow Weavers have found that they can make a shadow cause damage by using an element of cold with the aid of illusions. An attack with a shadow blade fools a target's mind with the clever use of fear and cold. This means that creatures without a mind and who are also resistant to cold, like skeletons and zombies, are immune to shadow damage. Inanimate objects can't be affected by shadow. A shadow weaver must also remember that shadows are sneaky, insidious, dark and frightening. Those that wish to study them need to accept the darker aspects of existence, sacrificing that part of themselves that is light. Only then will the shadows respond. Shadow Weavers must be evil.



First and foremost, immortality is not a curse. No powerful wizard would ever curse someone to be immortal. Why would a wizard give someone all the time in the world to plot revenge? Turning someone into a toad or a chicken is a far more effective punishment.

Second, we want immortality to be something wizards spend their lives trying to obtain. There should be a sacrifice that must be made to obtain immortality. Essentially, through immortality, one is defying nature and the gods. It should be forever elusive unless one is willing to take that final, possibly horrific, step. Vampires have the rare gift of being truly immortal. Everyone else dies. This is why it isn't some willy-nilly curse that a druid might cast upon some rude merchant.

This means that any character that is submitted that is 'cursed with immortality' will be rejected. It also means that any character with a race that is naturally immortal will be rejected.

Characters seeking immortality will be accepted as long as the player realizes that goal likely will never be reached.

Characters can live for centuries. Those with long lives either naturally or as a curse, will be accepted.



The only way a character can have an immunity is if there simply is no way a character can be affected by something. Vampires are immune to poison because they do not have blood that flows. Everyone else has resistances. Resistance means that they still can be hurt by magical elements or particularly concentrated toxins. For example a demon character might be able to move through a burning building with only his clothing singed, but if a wizard casts a fireball on him, because of the intensity of the magical flame, he will still be injured.

Characters that are 'immune to magic' or 'immune to mind abilities' or 'immune to physical damage' will be rejected.


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