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Map of Aurvrynon
Map of Auvrynon by Pashen
Map Key

Below you will find detailed descriptions of locations and buildings within Auvrynon.

The Kingdom of Auvrynon

City of Gates

Albatross Inn †    Amber Mountains     Amberleaf Weald     Ash Grove Cemetery     Athenaeum Arcana

Carver's Outpost     City Sewers     Crystal Bijoux     Devils Cup     Ebonreeds     Emerdal Cove

The Gateway     Gloumenwood     Goth Kulkodar Caverns     Heroesbane Range     Ilphs Doom

Ivory Veldt     Labrinths Dream Forest     Loch Kihagh

Mistroil Flow     Perse Fens     Radiant Sands Desert

Rathstique Range     Sea of Eternal Torment    

Storm Peak Ridge     Traitors Bluff     Vally of Mist     Zau Bos Ruins     Zephyr Bay

The Kingdom of Auvrynon

All that lies within the Mystical Storm comprises the Kingdom of Auvrynon. It is watched over by a single figure: The Queen of Auvrynon, Lady of the Mists. She is rarely seen, but it is believed that she is the one in control of who ultimately may enter the city. She has no army, for if there is a problem, she has the power to make problems Ė gone.

With four large mountain ranges, miles upon miles of stunning coastline, fertile grasslands, abundant woodlands and a temperate climate, many have chosen to make Auvrynon their home. Traitors Bluff, the great cliff that juts upwards over a thousand feet in places from the grassy expanse of the Ivory Prairie and extends into the Sea seems to divide the kingdom so precisely into divisions of good and evil, that one wonders if it is a natural land formation. The more hostile races populate the upper lands, gnolls and flinds abound in Gloumenwood, while mischievous fae and short-lived humans rarely leave the lower lands of Auvrynon.

The capital, a beautiful city nestled protectively within a valley. Very little is clear about the City of Gates, other than it seems to be an entry port for many people, who come from either the crimson storm that engulfs the surrounding countryside or from one of the numerous portals located around the city.


City of Gates

The capital, a beautiful city nestled protectively within a valley, boasts the same name as the Kingdom itself. Auvrynon. Positioned in the north of the Kingdom, the Capital of Auvrynon rests at the southwestern part of Zephyr Bay and the western edge of Mistroil Flow.

The City of Gates seems to be an entry port for many people, who come from either the crimson storm that engulfs the surrounding countryside or from one of the numerous portals located in and around the city.

Visible from all points within the bustling city is Stormspire, home to the mysterious masked Queen. One can try in vain for days to reach the majestic castle to no avail, never getting any closer, even with the use of magic.


Albatross Inn

Located in the Traders Square, the Albatross Inn offers drink, food and boarding to the weary. Owned by Feather, the Inn is the only round building in the City of Gates. Constructed of stone, the interior walls and floor glow warmly, dispelling all shadows and tend to keep out those needing a dim atmosphere. Guarded by strong enchantments, the Inn has withstood the ages gracefully. Youíll find no bloodwyne here, undead are unable to enter the building.


Amber Mountains

When the very plates that make up the lands of Auvrynon clashed, fault lines rose up creating horsts while others sunk down† to form rift valleys.† It is at the summit of one such land formation that the Ancient Child Falls spills down into the Amber Weald acting as a life source. Small, standing lakes and streams of the clearest blue collect their water from rain and snowmelt and can be found throughout the rift valleys.

Hidden seclusion is the way of life for many races making their home in the mountains, such as wild and wood elves who claim the territory about the weald.† Another example is a sanctuary for Ancient Children, vampire like creatures who only reveal themselves to those them deem worth. Their dwelling is secret and has been carved into the mountainside that stands to challenge the talent of the dwarves.

Outside factors threaten to overthrow these communities if ever their locations of their homes were compromised.† An example of such a threat is the trade routes that open Auvrynonís resources to city and capital gain.† Mercenaries guard this route and will guide travelers and merchants through for the right price.


Amberleaf Weald

Nestled under starkissed branch or beneath pale mistletoe, Faeries dance, unicorns canter and happy dewweed grow. Pink rosebuds lift near clear springís laughter and by touch of gentle moonbeams

The Amberleaf Weald, so full of life and the fantastic stuff of dreams.

The Amberleaf Weald is a dense mountain woodland interspersed with small clear glades and innumerable springs, pools, streams and brooks. Groves of tiny mushrooms, moonflowers and many other exotic plant life are hidden throughout the folds of valley and ridge. Truly it has all types of goodly beasts, including rarely seen unicorn. Also, here lives the Amberleaf Clan, a multitude of pixie families, unseen but frequently heard, they guard the mountain.

The Mistroil Flow is born by the tumbling waters of Ancient Child Falls, the spectacular waterfall at the southern end of Amberleaf Weald, the pool of which is rumored to have extraordinary powers of rejuvenation, if one is lucky enough to find it. Offerings left in an ancient circle of standing stones is said to ensure success in finding the pool. The origin of the megalithic ruin is unknown but is referred to by the locals as Passions Folly. The stones are near enough to Carverís Outpost that adventurers find the diminutive inhabitants of Amberleaf Weald seldom bothersome. Or is it the proximity to the town that keeps the pranksters at bay?

Are any near? Is there a whisper in the foliage, the hum of unseen wings? Perhaps.. the soft 'thwong' of a tiny bowstring...?


Ash Grove Cemetery

This graveyard is a hauntingly cold dell on the northeastern side of the City of Gates. The land here is so close to sea level, that this cemetery makes use of cairns and mausoleums as monuments to the dead. Two large ash trees, their thick gray trunks bow outward so that their braches intertwine, mark the entrance to this solemn clearing. A tall iron gate, overgrown with ivy and wisteria, surrounds the tombstones and protects the hallowed ground. The air here always seems a few degrees cooler, the sounds quieter. Even wildlife is lacking, as if the birds and insects know to keep away.


Athenaeum Arcana

Within the city of Auvrynon is a strange, tall building with six spires of black stone. Thirty-seven steps lead up to the pair of large oak doors that are a portal into the library of Auvrynon. A wraithlike man named Carlthais is the head librarian, and he seems as old as the books that line the walls. Thousands of tomes make up this massive library, each hand written and kept safe by magics to ward against rot, moisture, acid and flame.


Carver's Outpost

Several days journey south from The City of Gates is a small settlement that draws folk from all Auvrynon. Part wild and part tame, this outpost was built on ďThe End of Civilization.Ē

Oak and spruce, redwood and walnut - the ancient trees of the Amberleaf surround a few low hills upon which hearty buildings have been constructed. The pathways that meander through the woods are lacking cobblestone, instead they are constructed from the compacted dark dirt of the forest. This means that sometimes the roads are muddy and other times they are rough and dry, but the feet that travel here just accept this as part of the settlementís charm.


City Sewers

The sewers of the City of Gates are a dark contrast to the wonderful city above. Stone arch tunnels, dark and flowing with fetid liquids, wind for miles beneath the buildings above in a labyrinth laden with whirlpools, waterfalls, and stagnant mires.

Known to be generally ignored by the Lady of the Mists, it is a haven for crime and home to many villainous types. It is a convenient way of moving about and gaining access to the entire city without being seen as a result of the drains and pipes, if you're willing to deal with the foul things that live in the darker tunnels.


Crystal Bijoux

Upon one of the hilltops to the south of the City of Gates, the tall crystal spires of this elaborate banquet hall and ballroom can be seen jetting up out from a canopy of lush conifer trees. The mansionís beauty is unquestionable, with tall windows of faceted glass-steel that are strong enough to withstand even the fiercest of hurricanes that can cross the Zephyr Bay. Inside, the sunshine is refracted into dozens of colors and warms the bright stones and golden filigree. Even so, the hall always has a hauntingly empty air. The floor of the main ballroom is cream colored marble. In the center of the floor is a silver circle, with the meaningless words ďAítrel ma no helísai.Ē Written along the curve.

The Bijoux is open for reservation; a ledger near the doorway keeps track of any events.


Devils Cup

Strictly a bar. This building is as old as any in the city. As it is only a barroom, the brother and sister that own the Devilís Cup have taken great care to ensure almost all manner of drink are available, even those of questionable origin. They serve food, mostly local favorites, but for the right price something more exotic can be ďwhipped up.Ē Just donít question how they got it.

The main room is decorated in dark colors of wine and rose, and numerous paintings add to the warmth. Between the portraits, animal heads embellish the chamber. These are prizes of the owners, and are a tad bit unsettling; their lifeless glass eyes keep a watch on every corner.

To the back of the main room there are ten small alcoves. Each contains a table and four soft, leather chairs. These semi-private sitting rooms are open for patrons.

While brawls are not uncommon, those causing undue damage often find themselves at the other end of a powerful curse until restitution has been made. Itís rumored that the owners are devils themselves.



The Ebonreeds begin where the Valley of Mists spills into the grasslands, extending south hugging the Rathstique Range, and then crossing to the east until the land changes into the Perse Fens.† These damp grasslands produce a long, feathery reed that emits an eerie howl or whistle when the wind rolls through its beds.†

These lands are also known as the Hunterís Paradise, supplying Auvrynon with a solid resource for trade.† Fowl and weasels litter the undergrowth, one being the cockatrice that can turn a careless predator into stone if the fool gets too close to its clutch.†

Above the sway of the reeds beasts of unearthly sizes roam free. †Black bison, warthogs, and moose can be found year round near pools of stagnant waters that collect from the rains, but as the colder months wax on, seasonal wildlife such as bears, elk, and wolves drop down from the neighboring range and highlands.† These wolves, called Lykos, carry the ability of mind speech and a headstrong habit of seeing things through to the end, even if it means death.† Far to the south of the Ebonreeds only the bravest of sportsmen tread for there are demon-touched, dire creatures wandering in search of their next meal.†


Emerdal Cove

When the might of the sea rushes into the earth, it harnesses the power to carve one of natureís masterpieces. The sea has hollowed out the very side of the Traitorís Bluffs to shape the Emerald Rim that overlooks a deep, narrow bay known as the Emerald Cove.† Instead of cold water, a crack in Zatrikionís crust leak heat up towards the surface, making for a warmer swim.† The spray of the waves has helped lush moss take root along the length of the sharp cliffs. It is within this clingy undergrowth that a rare gourd can be found. Its tart white flesh is full of juice that ferments in the bright sunshine into something both addictive and intoxicating.†††

Such beauty, but this paradise is void of animal life--even the common gull cannot be found or the human settlement that once resided to the south.† Yet, life abounds underneath the waves and it has formed of an ageless feud.†

An aboleth, a large hybrid between an eel and fish with abilities to control minds, dominants the deep and any surface dweller venturing into its long-reaching range.† Strange powers have enhanced its powers double fold, and common underlings working for it are Slaad and Aquamantles.† On the other end of this small war are the Kuo-Toans.† Both sides take part in guerilla warfare in the underwater caves and tunnels that are believed to connect with the Goth Kulkodar Caverns.

Nevertheless, the reason which pits these races against one another, and what gave this region its name, are the rare emeralds.† The hydrothermal vein that heats the waters has caused emeralds to form, and rumor has it that higher powers fuel the feud for their own purposes.


The Gateway

The Gateway rests at the northern end of the Traders Square, dividing the merchant center from the wharf. Two portals at opposite ends of the Gateway are under constant surveillance by guards who supervise and tax travelers and goods. They have been magically connected with realms that have active trade with the City of Gates, and their security comes from the best money can buy. Portal guards routinely search all passengers and cargo coming through the public portals. Outside realms are welcome to report any criminals that should be denied access to the city thus reaffirming political peace between realms. Threats attempting unlawful entry into the city get magically rerouted elsewhere.

The larger of the portals is the main one opened for public use and is wide enough for caravans to pass through in seconds. Travelers filter from the portal directly into the Traderís Square and the lodging district. The smaller, and lesser used portal, is strictly for the elite and those wishing to pass customs without all the paperwork. It is positioned at the western end and leads into the richer sections of Auvrynon, bypassing the commotion of the commoners and trade.

Other portals can appear within the city, but those are done illegally and are sealed up within hours of opening. Fines are enforced for any caught, must suffer deportation if they turn out to be criminals. For the City of Gate where portals prove to be a profitable venture, one will find transportation is taken very seriously.



A vast plateau crowned with a forest, the trees of which are a lush deep green, tall and ancient with gnarled trunks and thick branches that hardly waver in the breeze. A fog drifts along the trees, coating the long needles and leaves with the only moisture the land ever gets. A lizard darts along a branch, its scales red and black, but that does not protect it from the bone spear that skewers it to the bough, ending its life. This is life in the dark and mysterious Gloumenwood; all too short for those unprepared.

Made up of primarily tall Blackwood and other evergreen trees that are drought resistant, the Gloumenwood has become a home for scavengers, predators, and a strange mishmash of unique beings that have fallen into it from the Mystical Storm.

Gnolls, crafty hyena-men, rule the northeastern part of the wood. And they make every effort to bully their way into the lives of travelers that attempt to traverse the forest.

Further south, the gnolls are kept in bay by skaven, rat-men, and a race of savage devils known as xerfilstyx, who guard the murky waters of Loch Kihagh.

These are not the only predators, however. Spiders multiply rapidly within the dark canopies of the Gloumenwood. And many a traveler has been lost to either a swarm of gigantic arachnids or the single bite of the elusive but deadly Tzak Spider.

The turbulent and red-stained waters of Gijakudob River slice a deep chasm between Storm Peak Ridge and the Heroesbane Range, forming the treacherous Jumeau Abyss, a canyon of staggering depth. The river, roughly translated from an old and dire tongue to mean Bloodthirsty according to several xerfilstyx, cuts through Gloumenwood to form Loch Kihagh.


Goth Kulkodar Caverns

These extensive caverns are the source of Auvrynonís underdark regions. They run throughout the plane, perhaps even reaching the sewers of the City of Gates. The encounters within the Caverns are as numerous as within the surface world of Auvrynon, but there are some locations of note:

Most importantly, the caverns near the Gloumenwood, with a hidden entrance within the Heroesbane Range, are the location of the feared dragon and self proclaimed Lord of the Dark, Rervilvik-Traeldell. The true color of this ancient dragon is unknown, for when he was tainted by the blood of a vampire, he turned into a whole new monster. Once brightly colored scales now are a glistening pale blue-white and claws reflect a vicious dark gray. Fur that frames his regal face has lost all color, and is now a glossy but colorless band of soft silk. Dark shadows encircle his smoldering crimson eyes, which glow in the darkness like a hypnotic flame. He is beautifully deadly. His breath surges forth like a nauseous vapor that sucks the will to live from his victimís lungs and chills them into immobility. All the easier for him to crunch down upon their bodies and drain them of every last drop of blood. Throughout his caverns are hordes of undead, both humanoid and animalistic, the corporal remains of those he has drained.

Deeper still, are creatures that shun the light and have chosen to live their lives in perpetual darkness. Drow, Drugar, Derro, and other species of the dark races thrive within the extensive cavern system. A colony of Ilithid has established themselves under the Amber Mountains.


Heroesbane Range

This part of Auvrynon has earned its name, for the Heroesbane Range holds no true safe place.† The mountains here are narrow and steep, so close together that it looks like sharp row of teeth that welcoming adventures to their doom.† Here the Blackwater river begins and snakes itís way through the peaks and down into the Gloumenwood.† The mountainous terrain is all rock and has little to no vegetation to sustain gentle prey.† Predatory creatures such as harpies, gryphons, and chimeras abound, feeding off one another and fighting for territory.

Drakes of many colors defend in their lairs against looters and other dragon kind that would profit from their demise.† Yet, the true evil of the Heroesbane range is deep within the mountain.† This evil is a vampire dragon, so cunning and vile that even a drow bow its head in respect.† He plays dark lord to the upper lands of Auvrynon, and would gladly spread his rule further if given the chance.


Ilphs Doom

This barren wastelands lives up to its namesake for every possible resource has been ravaged.† Even the hot, cracked crust of these lands whisper up their curses. Some tell rumors of a monster called the Bulette that acts as sentry and fate stealer, and others tell of how no root may take hold even when the rare chance the rain ventures onto its plane. Dead trees may dot the outskirts, but their gnarled, twisted branches stand as testament of the doom that lies within. A soul that trespasses here experiences first hand the power this land holds, leaving only an empty shell in its wake.


Ivory Veldt

An endless savannah dividing the higher lands of Auvrynon from the low, and so well placed that many question itís origins.† Yet, the allure of these lands do not rest with how it is placed, but rather the land itself. †

The grass of veldt does not feed from the light of the sun, rather it receives its energy from Korai, brightest of the Auvrynon moons.† It is by Koraiís glow that the grasslands are dominantly white, with a only a slight hue that passes from green to yellow with the changing of the seasons.†

The open canopy of trees about the purified Whitewater Lake are sparse and small, but well adapted to survive the long months without rain.† Likewise, shrubs and grass layers the earth and provide food and shelter to small inhabitants such as wild dogs, mongoose, caracals--all of which mirror their environment with much lighter coats.† One creature, a† shy serpent known as the Pale Elapid. has a deadly venom that can topple much larger creatures.†

Larger creatures include speaking boars and birds, the latter resembling an emu.† However, one species, the white wemics, patrols the Ivory Veldt.† They care little for worldly riches or power, rather they seek to keep the quiet peace that flourishes in their lands.


Labyrinths Dream Forest

Farthest east lies Glimmerdeep, the Jeweled River, whose deep crystalline waters are home to several clans of Naiads along its winding course. Near the center of the forest are a trio of lakes, the Trine. The southwestern lake is called Starmere, for the glassy smoothness of its surface, which at night seems to fill with the pinpoint fire of every star above. To the southeast lies Cloudmere, named for the luminescent algae that is native to its depths. Both of the two southerly lakes are home to aquatic elves. Farthest to the north lies Silvernode, from which the Silvervein River flows southward into the edge of the Storm - and perhaps beyond. The waters of the Silvernode and Silvervein reflect the sky with mirror accuracy, making it near impossible to see below the surface. No creature calls the Silvervein home, due to the tendency for strange creatures to wander up it from the Storm, but the Silvernode itself is jealously guarded by a race of highly aggressive merfolk.

The last two main rivers of the Forest are the Murkwater, and the furthest easterly river, the Stormwater. Both of these rise from a deep, powerful underground spring, which on one side flows down into the Perse Fens as a swampy morass that shifts course regularly and bears no name. On the other side, the flood splits into the two rivers and flows toward and into the Mystical Storm, housing various creatures escaped from it. The spring rises from sediments that stain the water, and the churning Murkwater is named for its dark brown tone; Additional deposits cause the slower Stormwater to seem stained by the crimson mists of the Storm itself, on cloudy days often resembling a stream of blood. A lesser deposit of the crimson sediments results in the section that flows into the Fens being suffused with the red-brown color of dried blood.

The forest itself, from the Trine south and west, is dominated by elven races, villages near the center, and nomadic groups of near the edges. The Labyrinthian Rangers are a highly respected group, for their unceasing vigilance in patrolling those areas near where the land vanishes into the Storm, to keep the rest of the forest safe. North and east of the Trine, Kirre dwell, massive psionic tiger-like creatures with eight legs, horns, and a barbed tail. Vicious in the extreme, they are a predatory race who won't hesitate to make a meal of another intelligent creature, and are extremely jealous of their territory. In turn, their meat and fur are both prized by other races. By mutual agreement, the Kirre and Elves tend to avoid each other, even working together sometimes to quell a particularly difficult threat; But neither hesitates to take the opportunity to remove one of the other race, if the chance presents itself.

Very little comes from the sections of the woods dominated by the Kirre except for an occasional pelt, but trade goods flow from the elven territories in myriad forms, from rare plant life, to magnificent live-wood musical instruments, to highly trained riding horses, war dogs, and war horses. Very few of the latter two are sold outside the Labyrinths Dream Forest, almost invariably becoming the property of the Rangers to aid them in there unceasing vigilance, and it is almost as rare for anyone not of the elven natives to acquire an elven riding horse. The Forest's denizens protect what is there's; Just as the Kirre twist a wanderer's mind astray, frequently to the stranger's demise, so too the elves play glamours upon intruders, leading them a merry chase through reality and illusion and, as often as not, leading them back out to find themself where they started from. Between the two, the woodland has gained a name for mystery and confusion. The Labyrinth's Dream Forest.


Loch Kihagh

A rocky shore breaks the dark pine of Gloumenwood and makes room Gijakudob River that feeds the crimson waters that make up the Loch Kihagh--a name with a lost meaning. This is a place of doom.† The waters are poisonous, and the depth of this watery grave is unknown to all save for the devilish beasts that lurk and prey upon any creature daring trespass.† They are called Xerfilstyx, and they are a hellish creature that have a human-like semblance for their upper half, but the nether regions are shaped like that of a slug.† Rumor has spread that the Xerfilstyx guard something more than the loch itself.† That underneath these still waters are the bones of an ancient dragon sentenced to death for crimes against the darklord that now reigns.


Mistroil Flow

The fresh waters of the Mistroil Flow rush down from the Ancient Child Falls and heads to the coast where it spills into Zephyr Bay.† The river runs wide and strong enough that itíd be a foolís errand to attempt to swim across. Four bridges cross the Mistroil Flow and lead to the parks that make up cityís eastern half.

In the cooler hours, fog raises off the river and the winds from the north send it usually southwest to the Valley of the Mists.† In the fall, a fish called Salmo Salar but nicknamed the Red Trout by the locals comes in from the bay and up the Mistroil Flow to lay its eggs at the bottom of the Ancient Child Falls.† Their eggs are harvested as a delicacy for they have the magical properties to rejuvenate the skin.† This fish is a favorite to more than just humans though, and itís dying number is driving the price for their flesh up.


Perse Fens

The Fen is made up of beautiful grasslands, dangerous marshes and numerous streams.

Near the coast, the lowland Eventide Salt Marsh is treacherous, not only for the feral creatures that inhabit it, but because of natural dangers as well. Unlike what the name suggests, the tide rises quickly, and often without warning. A traveler unprepared can find themselves over their heads in water. When the land is exposed, hearty grass and shrubs that are tolerant of salt and anoxic sediment prevail.

Further south, the highland becomes dryer, the conditions more hospitable. The tall grasses in the Fen when blown about in the winds resemble waves of purple, and this is by which the peaceful Fens get their name. In stark contrast to the lowland marsh, this land is quiet and gentle, a calm eye in the midst of a maelstrom.


Radiant Sands Desert

It was not all that long ago that the land nestled between the Amber Mountains and the Rathstique Range was but a humble grassland. Often overlooked, this vast plain was inhabited only by brutal Yuan-Ti and the occasional tenacious rancher. However, it was in the Year of the Twins, 3210 vin, that something happened.

Starting at the juncture of where the two mountain ranges met, a blast of sunlight originated and expanded ever outward like a mighty wave. Some have said the wave of sunlight was started by the will of the Sun God. The result was that within a day all of the grassland had been transformed. Grass was instantly fell away into sand, trees were turned into cacti. Animals that were deer and gazelle were morphed into hawk and snake. And the Yaun-ti were even touched, changed into horn-skinned brethren, ones that were able to live within the new environment. The magical transformation from grassland to desert was complete, from the stones to the skies.

What remains now is a sizzling, radiant expanse that is a focus of the Sun God's might. The sands act like glitter, scattering the rays of the sun and amplifying heat. The hot wind continuously shifts the dunes, and life struggles to survive in the new system. Snakes and hawks, insects both mundane and mythical, now have a new home.

In the center of the desert is a beautiful oasis. The water is so blue and pure that is has been given the name Cerulean Waters, for surely the source is a magical spring. For now it lacks what is needed for life within it, no fish nor algae nor alligator live within the pure surface. However, it is surrounded by many shade-granting, fruit-bearing date trees, making it a place for water, relief and nourishment. This oasis is large enough that none yet are able to claim it. As civilization within the new land is still struggling to find its footing, no doubt many are going to try.


Rathstique Range

Rathstique Range hold some of Auvrynonís highest points, and the majority of these mountains are pyramidal peaks--four faces that align with the four directions of the compass.†††

To the north hold several communities of rocs and giants who prefer to reside in the colder, harsher climates.† The giantís personalities mirror the weather for they are known for their selfish natures and respect for strength.† To any traveler that crosses their path, heed this warning: giants hold no qualms with eating you for dinner.

On the eastern front, also the most plentiful side of the mountains, bariaurs make their home on the steep landscape. They are centaur-like creatures have the upper half of a man, but the lower end of a ram.† Curling horns protrude from their thick skulls.† Their hooves are well suited for the rocky terrain, and there is no other creature that can match their speed of mobility.† This edge that has granted them dominance over competition of warring goblin hordes that try seizing their lands.

Hidden inside the untamed caverns within the Rathstique is a veritable fungal vale, illuminated by natural phosphorescence by both the various species of fungus and many of the insects that feed upon the blooms.


Sea of Eternal Torment

Auvrynonís sea mirrors its name as an relentless scourge of humanity.† The never-ending maelstroms and hurricanes churn the waters and air, and just when you think youĎve seen it all, volcanic activity shoots up only to be consumed again by the tidal waves. The Sea of Eternal Torment stands ready to toss any inexperienced ship to their doom.†

Overhead, the chaotic fyres of the storm lashing out and ripping open portals to other worlds.† One never knows if a horrendous mutation will spill out or drop an unsuspecting victim into the sea.†

Thrilling tales of riding the tempest and hunting the monstrosities that lurk underneath† these tumultuous waters entice many would be sailors, pirates, and profiteers.† Whaling is a profitable venture if the ship can manage to stay afloat.† While less known lore speaks of the flesh of a mermaid having the ability to grant eternal life, or twist that fool into a monster. Fortunes have been lost and won on the high seas of Auvrynon.


Storm Peak Ridge

Against the scarlet and swirling plum canvas of the Mystical Storm, a black chain of mountains make up the Storm Peak Ridge that hangs in the distance like an ominous omen.† Itís a feat in itself to undergo the perilless trek to reach these mountains. Yet, fools make the attempt for a mere chance to lose themselves in Storm Peakís secret.†

High elevation points join with the chaotic Fyres and the strong psionic energy that surge from the storm to bring about a paranormal occurrence, causing these lands to harness the ability to fool the mind.† It is here that a person can cross realities whether it be past, present, or future or creating a new existences entirely.† Such a warped treasure will have villains to match.† The first is a warlock and witch duo that welcome travelers into their embrace, and the last are twisted creature-mutations emerging from the Storm to prey on anything in their wake.


Traitors Bluff

There stands in Auvrynon a dividing edifice that separates the darker evils of Auvrynon from the rest of the plane.† It is called the Traitorís Bluff.† A high stretch of cliffs soaring well over a thousand feet to overlook the grassy expanse of the Ivory Veldt.† These steep, beige-slated sides make it difficult to cross, making it hard for the beasts of the upper lands to descend and vice versa.††

Hellish critters from the Gloumenwood contaminate the waters of the Blackwater River and itís filth would poison the gentler plans at the foot of Traitorís Bluff if it werenít for the care of the Neriad Druids.† It is by their methods that the Blackwater River is purified for the use of the lands below.† They are a respected people willing to offer aid to those undertaking righteous endeavors, but hard-hearted toward those seeking otherwise.


Valley of Mist

Nestled between the Rathstique Ridge in the east and the Amber Mountains of the west, the Valley of Mists is centered by the Mistroil Flow. Near the waterfall-birth of the river, the valley is carpeted in deep forest, known as Amberleaf Weald. Ancient Child Falls tumbles nearly a thousand feet from the mountains above.

The air shimmers dark emerald, the perpetual twilight pierced by iridescent sparks of dusky sunlight. Shimmering, silvery mists seem to pool in the valley, flowing between the tree trunks and spilling out along the river's course as it breaks from the forest, rolling inexorably toward its mouth in the Zephyr Bay. The mists swirl, diffusing the light into a pearlescent glow as they settle over broadening grasslands, rippling like an enchanted sea when viewed from above. The valley walls slope gently upward from the river into the mountains. The broad, leafy branches of ancient deciduous trees soften the merging of grasslands and forest, as well as being scattered along the riverbanks. Massive willows trail long, thin branches in the water, dense foliage hiding and forming shelters around their boles.

Villages and towns are scattered along the entire length of the Mistroil, infrequent within the forest, becoming more numerous towards the City of Gates. Carverís Outpost is the largest town, located at the edge of Amberleaf Weald.


Zau Bos Ruins

Located in the inhospitable Ilphs Doom, the land is tainted, cold, and rotten. Rocky, bone-dry with little in the way of vegetation, more die than survive the trek to the ruins. Those lured by tales of gold and live often return with only stories of woe and misfortune, sprinkled with nonsensical accounts of flesh-eating monsters and the battle wounds to show for their misadventure.

There are places that have been forever twisted and maimed by the evil wrought by man and beast. Places, that the stain of betrayal, ruin, and death is so deep, that even the air has begun to rot. Senses of the living are attuned to such things, though often times they are unaware of it. All they feel is a cold shiver up a spine, the teasing of the hairs on the back of a neck, a shifting of a shadow out of the corner of an eye. Such is the Zau Bos Ruins.

Originally a village not far from Emerdal Rim, overlooking the beautiful Emerdal Cove, it was home to a tribe of hardworking religious zealots, who lived for the sole purpose of worship. The village was rich; a gold mine was within an hourís journey. The town leader, a cleric by the name of Bercoroci, kept close tabs on every stone that came out of the mine. The entire town knew that Bercoroci was giving most gold to a monster: a malevolent dragon, Rervilvik-Traeldell, who had been tainted by the blood of a vampire. For years, Bercorociís lust for power grew steadily. The people of the village gladly followed their twisted leader forward, in body and spirit, always with the belief that they were furthering their dark God. Until the dragonís ambition outgrew that of the cleric.

Details of the events that lead up to the dragonís betrayal and the death of Bercoroci are unclear. But the results are still known to this day. The cleric was slain by the dragon. The village destroyed, only the skeletal remnants of once beautiful buildings remain. Many of the villagers were brutalized and sacrificed. The strongest of the zealots forever changed into zombies, walking undead that mindlessly follow the orders of the dark and twisted Rervilvik-Traeldell.


Zephyr Bay

Zephyr Bay is a vast body of water that extends from high cliffs and then curves around to the City of Gate and the lower lands of the Mist.† The land wraps around it and acts like a buffer against the Mystical Storm and raging waters that lie beyond in the Sea of Eternal Torment, where ships tempt fate as they ride the wave with their cargo in tow. Inside the bay only the rare squall or hurricane manages to invade this sailorís docking haven.† Here Auvrynonís capital busy matches the bustling life of the sea as ships come and go.

While the bay is one of Auvrynon's more milder of waters, there still lies nuisances that will take advantage and bother the sailors as they draw into the wharf.† Not as common as the normal seagull, Auvrynonís bay is home to a flying vermin that is much like a ferret with wings.† They live on the cliffside of the bay and will scavenger boat tops at night making them earn the name of Feasols.†

Also, if a ship were to drift too far from the waters about the city, itíll encounter mists spilling into the sea from the valley, and covering the haunting call of the sirens that will run a shipís bottom out. Such a fate has happened making the east side of the bay a treasure seekerís dream if they can manage the locals.


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